Best Emergency Solar Power Systems

Solar energy is getting more popular with every passing day. The reason is simple, it is green and somewhat cheap. As time progresses, it is becoming easier for an average person to access green energy. On top of everything, solar power is convenient. You can recharge your devices anywhere.

And the affordable emergency solar power systems have made it possible for everyone to become environment friendly. So, if you too are looking for a green way to recharge your appliances then keep reading.

We have created a list of the seven best emergency solar power systems that will make your life easier and reduce your carbon footprints. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

7 Best Emergency Solar Power System Reviews for 2021

1. Jackery 240Wh Solar Power Station – Best Choice

Rating: 5/5

  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • 4 ways of recharging
  • Lightweight and compact body
  • Fast Charging Battery – Takes 5 hours only

Jackery is not an old brand, it first appeared in the market in 2012. But since then Jackery has been piping out amazing products. This brand specializes in outdoor green energy solutions or solar power systems. Jackery’s good positive history makes the Jackery 240 watt-hours solar power station one of the best choices for you.

First, let’s talk about the physical appearance and body of the product. This solar power system is compact and small. This tiny design makes it easier for you to carry Jackery where ever you go. In addition to that, the lightweight body (6.6 pounds) also increases the portability of the device. However, the lightweight body is only one of Jackery’s solar power system’s best features. Furthermore, it features a digital display that showcases the battery status. This small feature helps the user to charge the battery before it fully drains.

This portable generator one of the fastest charging items on the list. It takes only 5 hours to charge on solar energy which makes it convenient. One drawback of the Jackery 240 watt-hours generator is that it does not comes with any solar panels. So you would need to buy the solar panels separately which can increase the overall price of the product. But, solar energy is not the only way to charge the Jackery Generator. You can also charge it using 3 other ways such as wall outlet, generator, and car outlets. All of the later charging options takes 7 hours to charge.

Finally, Jackery 240Wh portable solar power generator is enough to charge your appliances in an emergency. It is capable of 11 camera charges, 4 drone charges, 3.5 laptop charges, and 40 hours of light.


Max Output Power: 200 Wattage

Max Battery Capacity: 240 Watt-hours

Dimension: 5.19 x 9.05 x 7.67 Inches

Weight: 6.6 Pounds

2. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Power Station – Best Overall

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Fast charging; takes 5-hours only
  • Chainable with 33Ah acid lead batteries
  • Capable of powering 7 devices at once
  • 6 months limited warranty
  • 3 ways to recharge

If you are looking for a feature-packed emergency solar power system that has all of the best qualities then Goal Zero Yeti has the right product for you. Goal Zero is one of the most famous brands when it comes to the solar power system industry. The brand has been working in the industry for years and customers fall in love with their solar power systems for the obvious reason. So, let’s discuss the features that make the Goal Zero Yeti 400 solar power station one of the best products in the market.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 offers the maximum battery capacity of 400-watt hours. This capacity is neither too high nor too low. You can easily find products with more wattage power. However, at this price range, Goal Zero Yeti 400 offers the best package. It can easily charge tons of electronic appliances. For instance, you can charge your laptop 5 times and your mobile phone 30 times with Goal Zero Yeti. It is also capable of running a refrigerator for 7 hours and a 12V light bulb for 100 hours. Above all, this solar generator can charge up to 7 devices at once. This feature makes Goal Zero Yeti 400 one of the best in the market.

Furthermore, this portable solar power generator is quick to charge. When using sunlight only, it takes only 7 hours to charge fully. You can also charge it in your home using an AC outlet. Goal Zero Yeti 400 charges the fastest using an AC outlet (5 hours only). Moreover, it is also possible to use a 12V outlet for charging, but it takes 13 hours.

Lastly, you can chain other 33Ah acid lead batteries to extend the overall runtime of the generator. With extra batteries, you would not have to worry about power during a long road trip or camping weekend.


Max Output Power: 600 Wattage

Max Battery Capacity: 400 Watt-hours

Dimension: 8 x 10.25 x 8 Inches

Weight: 29 Pounds

3. Peppermint Energy Forty2 2000Wh Solar Power Generator – Best Maximum Wattage

Rating: 4/5

  • Fastest charging solar power system – takes only 3 hours
  • Built-in solar panels
  • Durable and reliable casing
  • Highest output power capacity

If you are going on a long road trip, camping, or hiking then it means that you would be needing a ton of power. For environment-friendly people, solar power systems are the best way. However, most of the time these solar power generators are not enough powerful. Especially if you are traveling with a bunch of people then everyone would be charging their devices every day. In situations like this, it is best to get a solar power generator with extra power. This is where the Peppermint Energy Forty2 2000 watt-hours come in to play. As the name suggests, this solar power system offers 2000 watt-hours of power that is more than enough. But what can you charge with this much power? Let’s find out.

According to Peppermint Energy, you can charge phones, drones, cameras, and fans for 144 hours with Forty2 2000Wh. When it comes to the laptop and electric coolers the capacity is 24 hours. Furthermore, you can even run a dorm size fridge for more than half a day continuously.

Due to the maximum power capacity, Peppermint Energy Forty2 200Wh is a suitable option for RV as well. The generator is not as compact as the first two options however it is still easy to travel with. It weighs around 85 which can be a hassle to carry manually. But it can stay in a corner of your RV without being noticed. The one thing that makes This generator stand out among its competitor is that Forty2 comes in a briefcase. This casing keeps the power system safe from damage.

Finally, Peppermint energy comes with its solar panels so you do not have to buy them separately. The panels are also integrated within the suitcase that prevents any damage.


Max Power: 2000 Wattage

Max Battery Capacity: 2000 Watt-hours

Dimension: 41 x 39 x 11 Inches

Weight: 85 Pounds

4. PAXCESS 100Wh Solar Power Generator Power Station – Best Lightweight

Rating: 4/5

  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 3 ways to recharge
  • Compact and lightweight body
  • Built-in warm LED flashlight

Sometimes the people do not want to charge tens of electronic appliances. All they need is to own a solar power generator that comes in handy during an emergency. A solar power system that is small and compact enough to fit in a car is suitable for emergency scenarios.  This is where the PAXCESS 150 watt-hours solar power generator power station comes into play. This product is the smallest and most compact on the list. Due to the lightweight, PAXCESS is the most lightweight emergency solar power generator among its competitor. This portable generator weighs only 3.3 pounds. This lightweight body makes it possible for you to carry it around in your hands wherever you want.

Output power wattage of PAXCESS is not its best feature. However, do not be fooled. This solar power generator is still capable enough to charge your appliances. So, what does the PAXCESS 150 watt-hours generator power? Well, according to the manufacturer, you can charge your smartphone 18 times, laptop 3 times, and car fridge 4 times. It is also capable of running the lantern light for 45 hours straight. In short, PAXCESS might be small in size but it is offering a bigger package. Unfortunately, this generator is only suitable for small electronic appliances.

One downside of PAXCESS however is its charging time. This solar generator takes a long time to charge 100%. For instance, if you are charging it using the sunlight then it will take you 7 to 12 hours to charge completely. On top of that, the generator does not come with solar panels either. You can also charge PAXCESS using a wall socket or 12V vehicle outlet but it will take 8 and 9 hours respectively.

Lastly, PAXCESS solar power system features a built-in warm LED light. You can access it with just one click.


Max Output Power: 100 Wattage

Max Battery Capacity: 150 Watt-hours

Dimension: 6.5 x 3.15 x 6.89 Inches

Weight: 3.3 Pounds

5. Nature’s Generator Gold System – Best Portable

Rating: 4.5/5

  • Comes with 100W solar panel with built-in wheels
  • LCD with detailed information
  • Built-in wheels and extendable carry handle
  • 3 ways to recharge

Are you looking for a solar power generator system that not only provides a high amount of wattage power but is also portable? If yes, then you are in the right place. This solar power generator is not only easy to travel with but it also provides 740-watt hours of power. Usually, a solar power system that offers this amount of power is bulky, heavy, and hard to carry. Nature’s generator gold system is no exception. This product is as heavy as it gets. But, the weight is not what makes it portable. Nature’s generator gold system comes with a hard case. This casing keeps the generator intact. Furthermore, the case has built-in wheels that make it easy to move around the heavy generator. The case also features a telescoping handle for ease of use.

740-watt hours of power is enough to charge your electronic appliances multiple times. The generator itself does not take longer than usual to charge either. One big plus for Nature’s Generator Gold system is that it comes with a single 100W solar panel. With this solar panel, you can easily charge the system and would not need to get another one for a few years. Sunlight is not the only option to charge this generator. You can also use an AC outlet or even a wind turbine to charge Nature’s Generator Gold System.

Lastly, just like most of the solar power systems on this list, Nature’s Generator Gold System features an LCD. But what makes it different than other products on the list is that Gold System’s display is more detailed. It contains more than just the battery status. With this LCD you can see charging status, output wattage, and more.


Max Output Power: 1800 Wattage

Max Battery Capacity: 740 Watt-hours

Dimension:  Not Specified

Weight: 126 Pounds

6. – Best Value

Rating: 4/5

  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • 3 ways to recharge
  • Big LCD screen shows battery status

If you are someone who loves doing outdoor activities such as fishing or camping then you must need energy for your appliances. This portable solar generator station from SUAOKI is the best for outdoor enthusiasts for many reasons. First of all, the SUAOKI generator comes with 2 years limited warranty. This is one of the longest warranty time that a solar generator brand is offering. With a warranty this long you would not need to worry about you breaking your generator.

Now comes all of the cool features this portable solar power generator can offer.  SUAOKI offers 400 watts of power on a full charge. This battery capacity might not look enough in comparison with the other products on the list. But trust us, 400 watt-hours is more than enough for a one day trip. You can charge your smartphone 30 times with SUAOKI’s 400 watts of power. It is also enough to charge 4 hours for a laptop. The generator can also be used to run other electronic appliances. The best part of SUAOKI is the pure sine wave inverter. Experts usually recommend using a pure sine wave for enhancing the lifetime of your electronic appliances.

Even if 400 watts of power is not enough for you then do not worry. This generator is easy to recharge. You can recharge it 3 ways. Either with the regular solar panels that do not take more than 8 hours to recharge. The SUAOKI portable solar power system is also capable of charging using a wall socket or vehicle outlet for convenience.

Lastly, the body of this generator is made to last for a long time. SUAOKI uses aluminum which is not is a sturdy metal but is also lightweight. Due to aluminum casing, this generator is lighter than most of its competitor products on the list. SUAOKI portable generator also features an ergonomic handle that makes it easier for you to carry it.


Max Output Power: 300 Wattage

Max Battery Capacity: 400 Watt-hours

Dimension: 9 x 5.5 x 9 Inches

Weight: 12.35 Pounds

7. Kalisaya KP401 KaliPAK Solar Generator System – Best Solar Power Starter Kit

Rating: 4/5

  • Capable of charging 4 devices simultaneously
  • Grade A high-capacity Li-ion cell
  • Remote system for monitoring and controlling via iOS and Android
  • Kit includes 40W solar panel
  • Comes in a suitcase

This last product on the list is all you need if you have never bought an emergency solar energy system before. Why? Well, the reason behind this is that the KP401 KaliPAK from Kalisaya is a whole solar energy kit. The package contains all you need to start.

First and foremost, the Kalisaya solar power generator comes in a suitcase. This case saves the generator from damage and keeps it safe. This kit is slightly heavier than the last product on the list. But due to the suitcase, it is easy to travel with. The suitcase also features a nylon handle to properly carry the whole thing around.

Unlike most of the other emergency solar power systems, this one comes with a solar panel. With this 40W solar panel, your kit is complete and you would not need to spend a single more penny. The li-ion battery used in this Kalisaya portable solar power generator is A-grade. This simply means that this battery will last you longer and you can keep using it for a few days. So, how much can you charge with this high-quality li-ion battery? According to the manufacture, Kalisaya KP401 KaliPAK solar system is capable of charging a smartphone 64 times.

Just like most of the other products on the list, this solar power system also features an LED that shows the battery status. But the one feature that makes Kalisaya KP401 stand out among its competitors is the remote control feature. You can easily connect this solar generator with your Android or iOS mobile app. And with the use of that mobile app, you can easily check the battery status. With a system this convenient you would never run out of battery.


Max Output Power: Not Specified

Max Battery Capacity: 384 Watt Hours

Dimension: 13.5 x 13.5 x 6.7 Inches

Weight: 13 Pounds

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Power Systems

Is there a generator that runs on solar power?

Yes, some generators run on solar power and are called “Solar Power Generator”. These systems consist of two main parts, solar panels, and a battery. The solar panels receive solar energy. The generator then transforms it into electricity and saves it in the battery.

Is a solar generator worth the money?

The average price of a portable solar power system varies because of the maximum battery capacity. But you can get an adequate solar power system for $300. These systems can last you for a few years depending on how much you use the generator. So, when we compare the price and life expectancy, yes, a solar power system is indeed worth the money.

What is the most powerful solar generator?

Peppermint Energy Forty2 2000Wh Solar Power Generator is the most powerful solar panel system on the list. First of all, it offers 2000 watts of power which is more than enough for emergency use. It also comes with built-in solar panels for extra convenience. And finally, the hard casing keeps the product safe and prevents any damage.

What is the best solar generator?

There is no one “best” when it comes to the solar generator for the only reason that everyone’s preferences differ. If you are looking for a generator with the highest battery capacity then get Peppermint Energy Forty2 2000Wh Solar Power Generator. For the people who are a fan of portable generators, there is nothing better than Nature’s Generator Gold System. And customers who are new to the whole solar power system world getting Kalisaya KP401 KaliPAK Solar Generator System is the best option as it is a whole kit. So, choose the product that is best for you.

Things to Consider When Buying an Emergency Solar Power System

1. Max Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is the amount of power a solar power system can store. So, if you are someone who charges a ton of electronic appliances when outdoor, get a solar power system with 1000+ watt-hours capacity. Otherwise, a 100 to 500 watt-hours solar system is enough to recharge one person’s phone, laptop, and camera.

Do not confuse the battery capacity with the maximum output power. The output power is the wattage a solar power system can offer.

2. Total Time it Takes to Recharge

The best thing about a solar power system is that it can be charged using nothing but sunlight. But this one feature is not enough when you are out in the wild. The best solar power generators are the ones that are quick to charge. The recharging time usually varies from 5 to 8 hours. However, if a solar power system takes more than 12 hours to recharge then it is not worth the money.

You should many emergency solar power generator can be recharged using a car outlet or a wall socket. This one simple feature makes the product much more convenient for the user.

3. Charging Capability

Charging capability is different than the recharging time. What we mean by charging capability is the ability of the solar power system to charge an electronic device. The charging capability of a solar power generator depends upon the maximum battery capacity. For instance, a generator with 2000 watt-hours of power is capable to charge more electronic appliances than one with 100 watts of power.

You should also check how many appliances can a device charge at one point. For example, some solar generators are capable of charging 7 devices simultaneously. While for other systems, the number is 4 or less.

4. Portability

When it comes to any emergency device, make sure that it is portable. Because if a solar generator is not easy to carry then how will you have it in the time of need? There are a few factors that make a solar power generator portable and weight is the obvious one. In short, if a solar power generator is lightweight then it is also portable.

In addition to that, some other generators are not as lightweight but they have wheels on the bottom. These wheels make it easier for the user to push around the generator and hence make the product portable.

5. Other Convenience Features

As the name suggests, other convenient features are the features that make the solar generator a little bit more convenient. These features are:

  • Multiple AC outlets
  • Remote control system
  • LED display for checking battery status
  • The capability of chaining multiple batteries
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High-quality solar panels

6. Warranty

This last feature is not only to be kept in mind when buying a solar power system. But you should also look for it when buying any product whatsoever. We are talking about the warranty here. Usually, Amazon offers a 30 days return policy. But you should also seek a proper manufacturer’s warranty for security.


A solar power generator makes your life easier and decreases your carbon footprints. Using it is also something everyone can do. But if you are still not sure which one of the above products you should get let us help you.

Jackery 240Wh Solar Power Station is the best choice. It offers 240-watt hours of power which is enough to charge your appliances. It also features a pure sine wave inverter which is recommended. Finally, the body is also compact and lightweight.

The clear runner-up here is the Peppermint Energy Forty2 2000Wh Solar Power Generator that offers 2000 watt-hour of power. This is the product for people who own multiple electronic devices. This solar power generator also comes in a hard case that keeps it safe from accidents. Lastly, this system comes with built-in solar panels and save you money. This was our recommendations for the seven best emergency solar power system. Choose the generator that matches your requirement. Hope you enjoyed the article.