Litom Motion Sensor Lights

Don’t you just hate it when you want to leave a particular light on but don’t want to waste electricity either? Trust me. I totally get it. That’s why what I’m about to tell you will blow you away. It’s the solution to all your problems.

Solar motion sensor lights

Whether this is the first time you’re hearing of motion sensor lights or you’ve already used one before, you’ll want to keep reading this post till the end. Because I won’t just discuss everything you need to know about buying motion sensor lights but I will also tell you about the three best Litom motion sensor lights out there.

Let’s get started.

There are various benefits of using a motion sensor light. It has practical benefits, safety benefits, and even decorative benefits. It will brighten up any place you install it in. Since it operates on solar power, it will help reduce your electricity bill while helping the environment.

The motion sensor will also contribute to reduced energy costs by conserving the energy used. If you’re afraid of burglars outside, the motion sensor light will light up at the slightest movement, alerting you of any presence outside. Finally, if you have a nice house exterior or garden that you are super proud of and want to show off, a motion sensor light is the best way to do it.

Now that we have you convinced about getting a motion sensor light, you’re probably wondering which one to get from the thousands available on the market. Don’t worry. We have some excellent candidates for you to consider.

Everything You Need to Know About Motion Sensor Solar Lights

If it was up to us, we’d probably install like a million lights outside our house just so that we can enjoy super bright light all the time and never fear the dark ever again. Alas, a million lights bring along that big of an electricity bill as well. Not to mention, all the energy we’d be wasting when there’s no one around who needs the lights. Now, that’s where a solar motion light comes in. These clever devices are just what we’ve been looking for.

A motion sensor solar light for outside your house will be the best investment you make this year. However, if you really want to make it worth your while, we’d suggest spending some time and understanding how this light really works.

Moreover, to help you get started, I’ve compiled this short yet detailed section covering everything you need to know about a solar motion light before you finally buy one. This will help you make a much better decision and choose the light that best suits your needs.

How Do Motion Sensor Solar Lights Work?

Motion sensor lighting is usually equipped with some sort of motion-detecting technology. Essentially, these devices are constantly monitoring the environment around them and whenever they detect the slightest movement, they send a signal to turn on the light.

Different devices use different motion detection technologies. Some detect movement through heat sensors, some use signal blocking techniques, and some even use the changes in ambient light to detect movement. Depending on which type of sensor your motion light is equipped with, you will have to be careful with where you install it. For instance, if your motion sensor uses heat changes to detect movement, placing it near a heat source, such as a vent, can affect its accuracy.

Therefore, ideally, you should place these types of lights at least 10 to 15 feet away from strong heat sources. Besides that, since we’re talking about solar lights, you will have to keep in mind that the sensor lights will need plenty of direct sunlight to charge and then provide super bright light. The lights have built-in solar panels that convert solar energy from the sun to solar power that then runs your solar LED lights.

10 Questions and Answers about Motion Detector Lights

Benefits of Motion Sensor Solar Lights

No one really enjoys staying in the dark for long. So, regardless of whether you color the walls or decorate the house, if there’s one thing you can’t ignore, it’s the lighting. We need bright light all around the home to illuminate and brighten up every spot, and this includes the interior as well as the exterior. However, a super bright light is not the only thing a solar motion-detecting light is good for. It has loads of other benefits too as discussed below.

Energy Saving

First and foremost, motion detection lights are seriously amazing for saving energy. These are equipped with LED lights, which are quite energy efficient on their own. Plus, since they are motion-detecting solar lights, they only turn on when there’s movement, so you only really use power when you absolutely need it. You don’t have to unnecessarily leave the lights on at night for any reason, wasting energy and driving up your electricity bill. Hence, you enjoy major energy and cost savings.


Another important benefit of these solar sensor lights is the convenience they offer. How many times have you come back from a late-night grocery run only to spend ten minutes fumbling to open your door in the dark? Or how about when you went to take out the trash and tripped and fell outside because you couldn’t see? Either way, solar sensor lights are incredibly convenient that way. You don’t have to bother around in the dark as the lights light up as soon as you get near, giving you plenty of light to carry out all your tasks comfortably. Moreover, you won’t ever accidentally leave the lights on the whole night. So, no more struggling to find the light switch in the dark either.

Environmentally Friendly

Besides saving energy and reducing the electricity bills, these solar lights are excellent for the environment as well. The reduced usage of the solar LED lights also makes a huge difference in your carbon emissions. There’s no wastage of energy as the light is only turned on when needed. Moreover, since these are solar LED lights, it benefits the environment that way, too. You don’t have to rely on your electrical grid running on non-renewable energy sources. Instead, these solar lights use clean and renewable energy from the sun to power the motion-detecting sensor lights. The solar LED lights capture the sun’s energy and convert it to power to use at night.

Prolongs the Life of Lights

Another way a solar LED light contributes to your electricity bill savings and other costs is by prolonging the life of your lights and the bulbs . Since they are not used constantly, they don’t burn out that quickly, thereby saving you from changing the lights again and again.

Easy Burglar Alarm

The motion-detecting solar light acts as a brilliant burglar alarm. If you’re scared of someone suddenly entering your house without permission, these solar lights can help you. As soon as the lights detect some movement from the burglar, they will light up the place with a bright light which will alert you to the presence of someone outside. It won’t really stop someone from coming inside but it will let you know beforehand so that you can call someone or prepare yourself.

Lights Up Difficult Areas

There are always some tricky spots outside the house that are impossible to brighten up because there’s no power outlet or for some reason, you just can’t install any normal lights there. Well, this is where solar lights come to the rescue. You can easily install them anywhere you want and since they run on solar energy, you don’t have to worry about a power outlet for the LED sensor light either.

Motion Sensor Solar Lights – Buying Guide

As fantastic as these LED solar lights are, you can’t just go ahead and buy the first motion-detecting LED light you see. There are several things you need to consider. Here are a few of them.


The first thing you should think about is how bright you need the LED light to be. If you have a big yard or garden, you will want something that is extra powerful and bright so that it can light up the whole place. However, if you are planning to just hang one near your porch, a light with less brightness and fewer LED bulbs will also do.

Settings Options

This is up to you but ideally, you should look for motion-detecting sensor solar lights that have lots of settings options. For instance, it should have an option for setting your preferred level of sensitivity so that you don’t get bothered by the lights coming on due to a strong wind. Similarly, the motion-detecting sensor solar lights should come with different modes that allow you to leave the light on when you need it.


Since you will be installing these outside, exposed to all the weather elements, you want to make sure they are strong and durable enough to handle it. Besides the basic construction of the motion-detecting sensor solar lights, you should see whether it’s waterproof, heatproof, and frostproof.


When choosing outdoor lights, you should check its range as well. This range includes the LED light range as well as the range of the motion-detecting sensors. Again, if you have a big space outside where you plan to install these solar lights, you will want a light that is powerful and has a long range to light up more area. Similarly, the motion-detecting range should also be long so that you don’t have to walk close to the light every time you need it to light up.

Battery Back-up

This is something you should look out for when choosing any solar device or appliance, and motion-detecting sensor solar lights are no exception. A battery back-up ensures that the device can store enough charge to run even when the sun’s no longer out.

Motion Sensor Solar Lights Reviews – Our Top Four Picks

When you’re thinking of buying motion-detecting sensor solar lights, you need not look further than Litom solar lights. Litom solar lights are some of the best out there and to make it even easier for you, we’ve reviewed our four favorite Litom solar motion lights below.

1. – The Best Overall Option

The Litom 120 LED solar motion lights are your best overall option. They are considered one of the best solar motion lights out there. With 120 LED chips, they produce bright light, which will lighten up your whole garden or backyard easily. Since this is a pack of four, together, these lights can illuminate an area of up to 1,300 square feet.

It features an enhanced passive infrared motion inductor that can detect the slightest movement till a distance of about 26 feet and within a 120-degree angle. The lights switch to motion-detection mode as soon as it turns dark and then lights up for about 30 seconds whenever it senses movement. It also comes with three different modes so you can easily change the settings of the lights. If you’re worried about the lights getting damaged outside, you can rest assured that they will stay safe and protected as they are waterproof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant as well.


  • Wide illumination area
  • Multiple light modes
  • Portable
  • Versatile use
  • Long motion-detecting range


  • Not a lot of setting options

2. – The Upgrade Option

If you want something even brighter and more powerful, then go for Litom 200 LED solar sensor motion lights. With even more LED chips, this light can cover a much greater area; it has a 270-degree wide-angle coverage. Moreover, it has a diamond-like illuminating shell that throws out light in a more uniform manner while protecting your eyes from excessive light glare.

The motion detectors work up to a distance of 26 feet so you never have to go close for it to light up. When it detects movement, it stays on for about 30 seconds and keeps adding to that automatically if it detects constant movement during illumination. The light is super easy to install and features an IP67 waterproof rating. This means the light will still work after being soaked in one meter of water for half an hour.


  • Powerful bright light
  • Wide motion-detecting range
  • Smart motion detection keeps light on during continuous movement
  • Easy installation
  • Durable


  • Expensive

3. – The Value Option

If you are looking for something affordable, then I bring to you the Litom Solar Outdoor Lights. Don’t be fooled by their small size, though. They are incredibly bright, with all four lights illuminating an area of up to 800 square feet. The light features a powerful solar panel that efficiently converts and stores solar power to run the light all night long.

The light features Litom’s very own passive infrared sensors that have a much longer detecting range than most solar motion lights in the market. The sensor keeps the light on for 30 seconds after sensing movement and keeps it on till there’s movement nearby. Moreover, it comes with three lighting modes to better suit your needs. The durable design protects all the components of the light from the LED chips to the wiring inside.


  • Durable
  • Compact design
  • High-quality infrared sensors
  • High photoelectric conversion rate


  • Not suitable for very large spaces

4. – The Alternative Option

Until now, I’ve mentioned solar motion lights that can be mounted on the wall or fence. However, if you want something that sits lower, you should go for the Litom Solar 30 LED Motion Sensing Landscape Spotlights. These come as a pack of two as well as a pack of four so you can get the exact number of lights you need.

The 30 LED beads provide loads of light to illuminate your garden, patio or wherever you choose to place it. These can be fixed to the wall or staked to the ground, whatever you prefer. They have an IP67 waterproof rating with high-impact resistance, so you can use them outside without worry. The motion detectors are incredibly accurate and sensitive to catch any movement right away.


  • Durable
  • Can be mounted on a wall or set on the ground
  • Accurate and sensitive motion detectors
  • Large solar panel


  • Ground stakes are a little flimsy


Choosing between all these options is tough, but if I have to pick a favorite, it has to be the best overall option, the Litom 120 LED motion lights. They have all the makings of an excellent motion-detecting light.

They provide plenty of illumination over an incredibly large area and a wide-angle as well. The advanced motion-detecting system is smart and accurate in catching the slightest movements. There are plenty of lighting modes to customize the light settings according to your preference. Moreover, it’s quite portable and versatile as well. All that makes it the best option in my books.

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