A solar water pump is environmentally friendly as well as convenient

Best Solar-Powered Fountain Pump with Battery Backup

Whether you lack access to power or you simply wish to switch to a cleaner source of energy, a solar-powered fountain pump is an excellent idea. However, searching for the best solar powered fountain pump is not an easy task. At least, it wasn’t easy until now. Once you’re done reading this article, you will not only know which best solar powered fountain pump you have to buy but also what makes these solar pumps so great. Let’s get into it right away!

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Solar Water Pump

When people are looking for a solar water pump along with a battery backup, they think that there aren’t many out there and so, they can easily find the perfect one for themselves. However, even with a solar water pump or a solar pond pump with a battery, there are hundreds of them out there. Unless you know all about the different components of a solar water pump, all of the models can seem the same. Therefore, before you start browsing and choosing a solar water pump for yourself, you need to know everything about buying it, and thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out which pump features you need to consider and why you need a solar water pump.

Benefits of Installing a Solar Water Pump

It might seem as if all that a water pump does is throw water out, but it actually does a lot more and offers many benefits to those who install it.


This is probably the most common reason for installing a solar water pump. If you’re planning to build a fountain in your garden or already have a pond, adding a solar pond pump can significantly enhance the look of it. Instead of a plain, old fountain, the pump can add another dimension to your landscape with its impressive water spray and waterfall effects. Include LED lighting with that and you can have a touch of magic as well.

Additionally, if you simply let a pond or fountain full of water be, it can start to grow algae, which can give the fountain an unappealing look. Standing water, as compared to moving water, from the fountain pump, also attracts more mosquitoes.

Healthy Environment for Aquatic Life

If you happen to have any fish in that pond or fountain, it’s even more crucial that you install a solar pond pump. The constant pumping, filtering, and circulation of water help add dissolved oxygen into the water. This aeration is important for providing a healthy environment for any aquatic life you’re supporting.

Combat Noise Pollution

If you had to choose between constantly hearing the sounds of horns blaring and listening to gentle water running, what would you choose? Yes, we’d pick the water too. Especially if you’re living near a crowded street with a lot of traffic, there can be a lot of noise pollution to deal with. Installing a solar fountain water pump can help combat some of that noise pollution by producing gentle sounds of water falling. Hearing such sounds can be quite relaxing as well.

Cost Savings

Now you’re probably thinking that all those benefits are great but how are you going to afford running a fountain pump all the time? Well, that’s where the solar part comes in. A solar fountain pump comes equipped with a solar panel. Outdoor fountains in the garden usually receive a lot of direct sunlight.

When you place the pump with the solar panel in this sunlight, the solar panel is able to take that solar energy and convert it into electricity, which can be used to run the pump. The solar panel contains photovoltaic cells that produce the necessary electric current. Since solar energy is entirely free of cost, the solar panel helps you run the pump without incurring exorbitant costs.

Of course, sometimes, the solar fountain water pump can be quite expensive in the beginning, but it can pay for itself in the years to come by harnessing the sun’s energy. Additionally, if the solar fountain water pump comes with a battery, you can even store that energy produced by the solar panel and use it when there’s no sunlight.


A solar fountain pump is also quite convenient. They have an easy installation, which can sometimes be done without any professional help at all. Furthermore, they require very little maintenance. It will keep running as long as the sun’s out and won’t stop in case of any power outage. A solar pump also tends to have a long lifespan if you properly take care of the solar panel and other components.

Solar Fountain Water Pump – Buying Guide

Hopefully, that would have convinced you to install a solar fountain water pump at home and you might even be thinking of getting one right away. However, before you do that, we’d recommend going through this buying guide. You might be excited to get your hands on a solar pump immediately, but unless you know what you should be looking for, you might end up regretting your haste. This buying guide will tell you about the different features and components of a good solar water pump so that you know exactly which one to buy. Here goes!

Flow Rate

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the solar fountain pump’s flow rate. This will be directly connected to the solar pump’s power rating. The flow rate of the pump will be higher if the power output of the pump is higher.

The flow rate of the solar fountain pump is usually measured in gallons per hour (GPH), and while every pump will mention one rate, it rarely is that way. Normally, with solar fountain pumps, there is a variable flow rate which depends on the amount of sunlight the solar panel is receiving. The more solar energy the solar panel is receiving, the more power the solar panel will generate and the higher the flow rate will be.

Water Effects

If you are installing the solar fountain pump for aesthetic purposes, you will want to look at the different kinds of water effects it offers. The pump will come with several water heads that you can mount on top for different water effects. If you want a simple water flow with a low height for a bird bath, you can forego any additional nozzle.

Similarly, if you want a fancier and more decorative water spray, you’ll have to look for the pump with the right nozzle and settings. The water effects also depend on the flow rate and power output of the solar fountain pump. Furthermore, for prettier water effects, you can consider choosing a pump with LED lights included, such as the Lewisia Battery Backup Solar Fountain Pump from our list.

Battery Backup

Since the solar panel on a solar fountain pump draws energy from the sun, it can fail to run the pump at night. Therefore, if you do want to run the pump at night, you will need one with a battery backup. This way, the excess energy generated from the solar panel will be stored in the battery that can then run the pump at night. The way these solar panels and solar pumps work is quite genius but simple. It can even run a well pump if the solar panels are big enough.


Even though solar fountain pumps are already quite low maintenance, if you want to make it even lower, look for a pump with a good filter or pre-filter. This will prevent dirt and debris from clogging up the pump pipe and impeding the water flow.

Corrosion Resistance

With the pump submerged in water the entire time, you would expect there to be some damage or corrosion. This can significantly reduce the life of the pump. Therefore, look at the build of the pump and check if it has corrosion-resistant parts or includes galvanized metal components that will protect the pump.

Solar Fountain Pumps – Our Top Three Picks

With all that knowledge and understanding, you will now be able to analyze different pumps and choose the perfect one for yourself. For starters, you can check out these top three solar fountain pumps with backup battery.

1. Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump – The Best Overall Fountain Pump

The Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump is an excellent water pump, be it for your garden, a pond, or a simple bird bath. It has a 2.5-watt solar panel that covers most of the top surface of this pump. It covers a wide area to catch and generate as much electricity as possible. The solar panels will continue to work to some extent even in slightly cloudy conditions or if the panel is blocked by a few pieces.

Otherwise, the pump also features a 800 mAh battery for night use. Moreover, the pump comes with six different nozzles for different water spray styles. The maximum water flow rate is 48 GPH and the maximum water spraying height is 50 centimetres. The pump itself is pretty lightweight and easily floats on the surface of the water. Since there is no need for any electric wiring or connection, there’s an easy installation.

The design also features an idling and blocking protection. This is an automatic setting that shuts the pump off if it has been idling or blocked for more than 15 minutes. Other than that, the pump can stop working if the water level is too low or the water inlet is blocked. Therefore, it does require a bit of maintenance almost every month.


  • Wide solar panel coverage
  • Continues working even in cloudy or rainy weather
  • 800 mAh battery
  • 6 different nozzles
  • Idling and blocking protection


  • Doesn’t work if the water level is too low or water inlet is blocked

2. – The Upgrade Fountain Pump

If you want something fancier, you can consider the Lewisia Battery Backup Solar Fountain Pump. It features a separate 10 watt solar panel along with a ground stake mount so that you can easily secure the panel in the position with the most sunlight. There’s a large 2200 mAh battery that will allow the pump to work just as well during the night. It also features five LED lights that enhance the look of the entire fountain.

You can connect the panel to the pump using the 10 feet long cord. Additionally, the pump comes with five nozzles along with a nozzle adapter for easy changing and installation. The pump has a maximum flow rate of 53 GPH and a maximum water spraying height of 80 centimetres. Moreover, the construction of the pump includes foam cotton to help it float and a filter box to prevent debris from clogging the water inlet. The pump automatically turns off when it detects low water levels to conserve the power in the battery.


  • Ground stake mount for securing solar panel
  • Built-in large 2200 mAh battery
  • 5 LED lights
  • 5 nozzles with nozzle adapter
  • Filter box to prevent blockage


  • Requires regular maintenance

3. Lewisia Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump – The Value Fountain Pump

Another great solar water pump from Lewisia, this pump is perfect for those who are on a budget but still want a good pump. It is a small setup that is ideal for bird baths or similar small water bodies. It has a 1.5 watt solar panel that comes with a 10 feet long cord, which allows you to comfortably set up the panel in the ideal location and maintain a constant power supply to the pump. It comes with 4 nozzles for different water spraying patterns.

The maximum flow rate is 46 GPH, with a maximum water height of 55 centimetres. The pump has a super easy installation process, which won’t even require many tools. Moreover, the pump has a built-in strainer on the water inlet to prevent clogging. Even if there’s any clogging, you can quickly clean it as the pump has an easily removable strainer.


  • Ideal for small ponds or fountains
  • 10 feet cord allows you to set up the solar panel anywhere
  • Easy installation
  • Built-in strainer on the water inlet
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not suitable for large ponds


Whether it’s for decorative purposes or to cancel out the urban noise pollution, a solar water pump in your fountain can be the perfect addition in your life. Moreover, considering the fact that they are environmentally friendly in many ways, from supporting aquatic life to reducing your carbon footprint, it is a much-needed change in present times. If you’re worried about it being expensive, you can rest assured that any extra price you pay initially, will come back to you in the form of major savings.

Furthermore, if like us you are also completely amazed by all three solar water pumps on this list, we get it. It can be hard to choose one, but if we absolutely had to pick our favorite, it would be the Biling Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump with Battery. It has several convenient features that will enhance the look of any fountain without much effort or trouble. It has a good flow rate and a battery for using when the sun’s gone down.

If you have any questions about fountain pumps, let us know in the comments below!

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